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Film Futurist, Technologist and Artist

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Exploring the Future of XR & AI: A Conversation with Kent Bye

I’m incredibly honored to have been a part of Kent Bye’s groundbreaking Voices of VR podcast series. In a detailed 17-part episode, he delves into the fascinating intersection of Extended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), featuring a plethora of immersive artists and XR developers. The series probes deep into how generative AI and conversational interfaces are not just tweaking but revolutionizing production pipelines and social interactions with NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

Being part of this series prompted me to reflect on my own journey of experimentation. This wasn’t just any journey—it was one where I played with images, debunked the myths surrounding creative processes, and came to understand the construction and reconstruction of visual paradigms. It’s been a labyrinth of creativity where I’ve deconstructed and reconstructed myself, discovering a new, profound version of my artistic identity along the way. This isn’t a closed chapter but an evolving narrative.

Profound Changes

En este proceso de reinvención, los cambios han sido profundos. No estamos hablando de ajustes superficiales, sino de transformaciones que aún estoy lejos de comprender en su totalidad. Ha sido un camino de deconstruirme para encontrarme, de inventar y reinventar imágenes desde una perspectiva que me es entrañable.

Why You Should Tune In

Understanding how AI can seamlessly integrate into the world of XR has never been more critical. The Voices of VR series goes beyond the surface to explore how these technological shifts are revolutionizing our industry. Whether you’re a developer, a filmmaker, an artist, or just someone fascinated by the future of technology, this series is a must-listen.

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