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I'm Violeta Ayala 

Film Futurist, Technologist and Artist

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Welcome to the Anthropocene​ Epoch. 

Animals, rivers, trees, lakes are worth more dead than alive.

2020 the year when human made production of concrete, metal, plastic, bricks and asphalt exceeds the overall living biomass on Earth.


COVID-19 could see over 200 million more pushed into extreme poverty.


Todo Pa Todos o Nada Pa Nadies.

The Amazon Rainforest fire is still burning for PROFIT.

Wall Street is about to start trading WATER for the first time.

I don't like people, I love JAGUARS.


We promised to take it to the streets every week until the fire stoped and we did it. (Sep, 2019, Cochabamba, Bolivia)

As the fires continued, hundreds of thousands joined us in the streets in the entire country. (Oct 2019, Cochabamba, Bolivia)

We demanded the government to repeal laws that allowed the agro industry to burn the forest and jungle for farming and cattle for meat export. (Aug, 2019, Cochabamba, Bolivia)

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I joined my brother and thousands of protestors in Sydney, as one of the most devastating bushfires in history consumed more than 5 million hectares threatening the Koala population and other endangered animals. (Australia, December 2019)

"People are losing their lives and livelihoods, we can’t see our loved ones, our five-year-old doesn’t go to school and the real estate agent says it’s business as usual? It’s morally wrong to demand rent from people that could potentially lose everything, even their lives or the lives of our loved ones during this pandemic." (Sydney, Australia, April 2020)

"No Justice, No Peace."


(Black Lives Matter, Sydney, Australia, June 2020)

"Por la dignidad de las personas con discapacidad"  (La Paz, Bolivia, July 2016)

We took it to the streets in Bolivia because the Chiquitania and Amazonia were burning with millions of animals inside.

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