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I'm Violeta Ayala 

Film Futurist, Technologist and Artist

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 2013 - 2022

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My writing is personal and political, experiential and analytical


Awichas, Ephemera, July, 26, 2022

Photo Facts, Ephemera, July, 20, 2022

Yabun 2022, Substack, Feb 2022


Plan of Action: BIPOC Documentary Professionals Respond to the Pandemic and Protest Movement,

by Violeta Ayala, Claire Cao and Miasarah Lai, Filmmakers Magazine, July 2020

Recognition is for white Australia, The Huffington Post, Feb 2017

Advance Australia White, The Huffington Post, Feb 2017 

#WhyIMarch, The Huffington Post, Jan 2017

Prisoner #B57661, The Huffington Post, Dec 2016

The Water War, The Huffington Post, Nov 2016

Liberté, égalité, fraternité?, The Huffington Post, Sep 2016,

The Wicked Granny, The Huffington Post, June 2016

Water Canons Used On Disabled Protestors in Bolivia, The Huffington Post, May 2016

My Right to Live with Dignity, The Huffington Post, May 2016

Fair Trade Cocaine, The Huffington Post, Feb 2016

White People on Patrol, The Huffington Post, Jan 2016

The Firsthand Racism I Experienced in Australia, The Huffington Post, Aug 2015

Is Bolivia the New Afghanistan, or Is O'Grady From The WSJ Delusional?, The Huffington Post, Nov 2013

The Whistleblowers and Latin America, The Huffington Post, August 2013

What If Snowden Was on Board the Bolivian President's Jet?, The Huffington Post, July 2013

Cocaine: Just a Commodity?, The Huffington Post, June 2013


First Person: The 'Stolen' Filmmakers Explain How a Doc About Refugees Became a Controversial Film About Reported Slavery, by Violeta Ayala and Dan Fallshaw, Indiewire, Feb 2013


Police start Woodside probe over bribery claim, by Violeta Ayala and Kate Askew, The Age, Oct 2006


Slick operator, by Violeta Ayala and Kate Askew, Sydney Morning Herald, June 2006

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