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Prison X - Chapter 1:

The Devil and the Sun    

“The Best Non-Linear Narrative...The most ambitious interactive narrative piece this year (Sundance 2021).”— Kent Bye, Voice of VR

“Pushes against the boundaries of how a story can be told...Prison X is clearly drawing on the logic of immersive theatre.”Noah Nelson of No Proscenium


“My favorite pick of this year’s bunch.”— Upload VR


“Captured a state of dream logic that I so often want in VR.”Jesse Damiani, Forbes contributor 


“Asserts Indigenous aesthetics and cosmologies that not only were erased and devalued by colonial Spanish rule, but are woefully underrepresented in digital media today.”Violet Lucca, Art in America


 “Prison X is a cry for freedom and for the democratization of technologies.” — Ambar Reyes, Indiewire

"Prison X drops the audience within a world somewhere between mythology and reality"   Annabelle Ots, Rough Cut

"You don a golden mask, step inside and take a surreal journey among guards, prisoners, spirits and animals."  — Garry Maddox, The Sydney Morning Herald

"Animated mythical creatures and characters give the VR experience a nightmarish feeling as players try to safeguard their soul from the Devil’s clutches."  Madeline Lines, POV

Sundance Film Festival 



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