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I'm Violeta Ayala 

Film Futurist, Technologist and Artist

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is an umbrella term encapsulating Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and everything in between. 

What's happening today?

In a world surrounded by infinite content, a film is no longer a single story or a single production. After 100 years of its introduction, film has shaped society, so much so that we are not quite sure where fiction ends, and reality begins.

Another way of communication is brewing.

Film is changing, the way we consume stories is changing. The way we produce stories is changing. The way we communicate with each other is changing.

The line between real and digital is becoming more and more blurred.

At this intersection of media and communication, I believe we will soon be able to create any experience we can imagine.


The overlap between the physical world and the metaverse will allow us to modify our environments in real time.

The Pandemic made us live even more of our lives digitally.


This moment is, in some ways, unprecedented. And I started to experiment with ​the genesis of film futurism.

Virtual Reality (VR) 

Augmented Reality (AR) 




Check out my AR experiments at:



mastaku 3D

Fuck Off Love

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