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I'm Violeta Ayala 

Film Futurist, Technologist and Artist

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Jaguar Glossary

360 Video

A video that allows the viewer to look in all directions, as if they were present in the scene.

3D Objects

Objects that have three dimensions: height, width, and depth.

3D Printing

The process of creating a physical object from a digital design using a 3D printer.

3D books

A type of interactive digital book that features 3D graphics and allows the user to explore and interact with the content in three dimensions.

3D graphics

The process of creating and displaying three-dimensional images using computer technology.


A file format developed by Autodesk for 3D Studio Max, it stores 3D models, material, lighting and animation information.


Three Degrees of Freedom. Refers to the ability to rotate in a 3D space, but not move.


Six Degrees of Freedom. Refers to the ability to move and rotate in a 3D space.


A web framework for building virtual reality experiences. Make WebVR with HTML and Entity-Component. Works on Vive, Rift, desktop, mobile platforms.


A pose used as a reference point in animation, where the character stands upright with their arms and legs extended outwards.

AI Model

A model created by artificial intelligence algorithms, trained on data to perform a specific task.

AI Music Video

A music video that is generated using artificial intelligence algorithms, often resulting in a unique and surreal visual experience.

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