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I'm Violeta Ayala 

Film Futurist, Technologist and Artist

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Futurism - Featured Talk for Games For Change 2021 

VR as a tool to democratize animation” – Violeta Ayala, XR Must

Virtual Land Grabs: Doorways to Independent Futurism (Immerse News)

Violeta Ayala's  Prison X — Chapter 1: The Devil and The Sun, stunned us at Sundance this year. (No Proscenium Podcast)

Interview with trailblazing filmmaker, artist and technologist – Violeta Ayala (Create NSW)

How New VR Projects Are Exposing Social Injustices (Indiewire)

Prisoners of a System: An Interview with the Creators of VR Series ‘Prison X’

Collaboration, Process, and Acknowledging the Past

Violeta Ayala on the Power of Documentary-Inspired Virtual Reality

Virtual reality film takes you inside infamous South American jail

Sundance Film Festival Panel: “Editing History” 

Emerging, Gifted and X with Violeta Ayala and Alejandra Canales


Quarantine Film Series: Violeta Ayala

Cocaïne Prison : Présentation de Violeta Ayala

Point of View Magazine, ‘Everything in this conflict is about control’: Violeta Ayala Talks ‘Cocaine Prison’

Women and Hollywood, ‘TIFF 2017 Women Directors: Meet Violeta Ayala — “Cocaine Prison”’ 

The Moveable Fest, “TIFF ’17 Interview: Violeta Ayala on Breaking Out with “Cocaine Prison”” 

Award-Winning Bolivian Filmmaker Violeta Ayala Using Storytelling As A Weapon Of Truth


Violeta Ayala, con el cine como arma


Violeta Ayala The Bolivian Case Interview


“Tengo la firme convicción de que las películas sí cambian el mundo”. Entrevista con Violeta Ayala, directora de ‘El caso boliviano’


AfroPoP - Stolen Filmmaker Chat


Violeta Ayala: Structure and Editing (2010)

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A collection of my interviews from 2010 to 2021.

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