Violeta Ayala is an award winning filmmaker, writer, artist and technologist. She is the first Quechua member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Violeta's credits include the VR animation Prison X (2021) and the  award-winning documentaries Cocaine Prison (2017), The Fight (2017), The Bolivian Case (2015) and Stolen (2009). Her films have premiered at A-List film festivals including Sundance and Toronto, distributed in cinemas, broadcasted on PBS, Channel 8, Señal Colombia, Ibermedia, World and online platforms such as Amazon Prime and The Guardian. She has won over 50 awards including a Walkley (Australia’s Pulitzer) and nominations for the IDA (Los Angeles), Rory Peck (London), Platino (Panama) and Fenix (Mexico).

In 2013 she was invited by Arianna Huffington to write an opinion column at the Huffington Post. In 2015 Violeta began developing projects in Virtual Reality. In 2017, she was a guest filmmaker featured in a conversation with the Foreign Director at CBS News Tony Calvin in DC. In 2018, Violeta won the Jaime Escalante medal-of-honour for her outstanding talent in filmmaking. She gave a masterclass on the impact of journalism and storytelling at the Tempo Conference in Stockholm and was a guest panellist at AIDC in Melbourne discussing the role of filmmakers in the fast-changing media landscape.

In 2019 Violeta was invited to the Sundance Film Festival as a New Frontier Talent Fellow with Prison X, that includes a VR animated series and La Diablita, an animatronic puppet with AI, funded by Screen Australia, Screen NSW, Sundance and TFI.  She was awarded production funding for  the feature documentary, La Lucha from ITVS, Sundance, Screen Australia and Screen NSW. Violeta was one of nine leading New Media creators selected worldwide for the CPH Lab in Copenhagen. She gave the keynote at the largest global network of organisations defending freedom of expression at IFEX in Berlin. The MIT in Boston invited her for a personal workshop developing her XR practices and her film Cocaine Prison opened in cinemas in France.


In 2020 Violeta returned to Sundance as one of the guest luminaries for a panel on “Editing History”. 


The first episode of her virtual reality animation, Prison X premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2021. 

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PrisonX - Chapter 1: The Devil and The Sun (2021)

Prison X is an immersive Andean mythological play that sweeps you into a labyrinthine Bolivian prison” SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL

“The Best Non-Linear Narrative...The most ambitious interactive narrative piece this year (Sundance 2021).”— VOICES OF VR

"Pushes against the boundaries of how a story can be told...Prison X is clearly drawing on the logic of immersive theatre.”NO PROSCENIUM

“My favorite pick of this year’s bunch.”— UPLOAD VR

“Captured a state of dream logic that I so often want in VR.”FORBES

“Asserts Indigenous aesthetics and cosmologies that not only were erased and devalued by colonial Spanish rule, but are woefully underrepresented in digital media today.” ART IN AMERICA

“Prison X is a cry for freedom and for the democratization of technologies.” — INDIEWIRE

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Cocaine Prison (2017)

“Truly Unique.” VICE

“Compellingly Kafkaesque.” FILMMAKER MAGAZINE

“Speaks documentary truth to power.” HAMMER TO NAIL

“One of the best films from Latin America of 2017.” EL PAIS

“Ayala has achieved something extraordinary.” GEORGIA STRAIGHT

“Extraordinary...Shot by the inhabitants of Bolivia’s San Sebastian Prison.” REMEZCLA

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The Fight (2017)

“Extraordinary, just hits you in the face.” CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR CNN

“The most politically explosive documentary of 2017.” NO FILM SCHOOL

“A brilliant, shocking and moving film.” BBC

"This is committed, compelling observational documentary-making at it’s best, with super-beautiful characters at its core." RORY PECK

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The Bolivian Case (2015)

“Instead of asking us to question the guilt of these women, Ayala asks us to confront how gender—and also race and class—affects how we assign guilt.” VICE

“The best of 2015, Violeta Ayala is showing that is one of the most gifted investigative filmmakers of our times.” ROLLING STONE

“Very entertaining film and it’s just jaw-dropping… It’s a kind of film that you couldn’t write as fiction.” ABC

“These days you can always tell a great documentary because there’s a part of you that instantly wants to see a big budget dramatisation with the best Hollywood stars. The Bolivian Case is one such documentary.” THE HOLLYWOOD NEWS

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STOLEN (2009)

“Pacy, exciting and hugely engrossing. Guaranteed to spark intense debate.” VARIETY

“Suspenseful, scary, and displaying personal bravery by Ayala and Fallshaw.” SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

“Riveting stuff. The film moves into political thriller territory when the filmmakers are made suddenly aware that the conversations they have taped put the lives of their subjects in peril, and they themselves have become prey to sinister political and cultural forces.” THE TORONTO STAR

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