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I'm Violeta Ayala 

Film Futurist, Technologist and Artist

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Expylab 2022 is a visionary experiment in Latin American Futurism.

It brought together fifteen creators, including 3D artists, developers, technologists, screenwriters, dancers, acrobats, musicians, spatial sound designers, producers from various places, social classes, indigenous peoples, urban guaranis, LGBTQ+ population and people with disabilities.

These creators experienced technology first hand in the form of virtual reality, augmented reality, video 360, motion capture, artificial intelligence, in order to create innovative experiences that explore personal narratives and how people perceive the relationship between time and space.

I helped design the lab and I was also a mentor. We worked on four projects and we help produce four prototypes ready to be developed as part of the metaverse.

A real look at what Latin American Futurism could be.

Expylab 2022 took place over three weeks in Asunción, Paraguay (19 Oct - 4 Nov).


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